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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

BlogTalkRadio Appearance

I will be appearing on Silvio Canto's radio show today at 6:30 eastern time. We'll be discussing blogging, the upcoming presidential election, Supreme Court nominations, my article on real men, and whatever else comes up. We only have half an hour, so it won't be too long. Just follow the link below to listen.

If you can't tune in, just follow the link below anyways. Every show on BlogTalkRadio is archived. You'll see the archived segments; one will have my name on it, and you can listen in at your convenience.

I'm really excited about this, so I hope all of you can tune in!!



Anonymous said...

Cas, you are a star. :o)


Angry White Guy said...

Wait, I get tto HEAR you too?


*comes back to his senses* Ok, I'm better now...

Was just having a little party in my head. ;)