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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Grande Conservative Blogress Diva?

Well, I happened upon Gay Patriot today, and noticed that one of their readers has nominated me for their annual Grande Conservative Blogress Diva!
In just a few hours, Bruce and I will announce the nominees for Grande Conservative Blogress Diva 2008 and you’ll have a chance to vote on which blogress you believe best deserves that coveted honor.

Until then, you still have a chance to weigh in on those blogresses who are truly conservative divas, being strong women who command the respect of men. And these ladies need not be conservative, merely have shown that they earn the respect of gay conservatives by standing true for their principles, especially against angry assaults from the conservative-hating left.

Blogresses nominated include Ann Althouse, Tammy Bruce, my fellow Wizbang-er Lorie Byrd, Mary Katharine Ham, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Debbie Schlussel, Michelle Malkin... and many more!

Apparently, readers nominated a few more blogresses, including yours truly! While I don't think I'm quite to the rank of Grande Conservative Blogress Diva quite yet, I was tickled pink just seeing my name there! I didn't make the final cut list (and by no means would I have even voted for myself -- almost every blogress there I absolutely love!), but all the same. :) So, whoever it was that nominated me, THANK YOU for thinking of me!! It's a huge compliment.