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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The funniest thing I've heard in a long time

Tancredo runs into McCain at a restaurant and sends him nachos. I'm totally snickering right now.

From Earth Times:

While in New Hampshire for the June 5th Republican presidential candidates' debate, Rep. Tancredo ran into Senator John McCain at Blake's Restaurant. Tancredo sent an order of nachos to Senator McCain, mocking Senator McCain's efforts to find a path to legal status for millions of undocumented residents once they have paid penalties, fines, learned English and passed citizenship tests -- proving they are hard-working members of our communities.

Today, while 200 Esperanza clergy discuss immigration with their Members of Congress, Rev. Luis Cortes will respond with a delivery of his own, sending a Merriam-Webster Dictionary and a bilingual Bible to Rep. Tancredo.

"Congressman Tancredo has based his entire presidential campaign on his distorted definition of amnesty," said Cortes. "I can only assume that Congressman Tancredo is unfamiliar with the dictionary and Christian definitions of amnesty.

"This Merriam-Webster dictionary defines amnesty as 'an act granting a pardon to a group of individuals.' A pardon is defined as 'the excusing of an offense without penalty.'

"As Christians we understand amnesty: Amnesty is what Christ provided for us as forgiveness for our sins when he paid for our sins with his life. This is true amnesty -- unconditional and without penalty. Amnesty is a free pass and a place in the front of the line. This Senate compromise is not amnesty."

But... it is a free pass and a place in the front of the line, before the millions of would-be immigrants, waiting patiently as they go through legal channels. And it isn't a compromise, either. It's a mandate. We aren't getting anything on our side of the bargain -- it's all to benefit Washington, and a big middle finger to the rest of the country.

But nachos... to John McCain... oh, Lord. That is just too priceless. Tancredo just rose a few notches in my book.


COPioneer said...

Por favor, McCain e Cortes nointendo, senorita Fiano. McCain es Loco de cabeza.
Viva La Presidenta Fiano!
Habla de Castejano?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Maybe we should start a grass roots campaign. We could start sending nachos (en mass) to all the (pro-criminal immigration) amnesty politicos! And of course we should include the cheese (without refrigeration).

nanc said...

great post!

too bad there wasn't an american flag handy...

In Russet Shadows said...

Excellent find. Tancredo is the man, without doubt! He's shown an ability to zing the rich and powerful (first Edwards, now McCain) and yet keep his feet planted firmly on the ground. You ought to send this to the Tancredo campaign blog -- they'd eat it up!

Now, as for the Rev. Luis, he is purposefully confusing forgiveness (an individual command) with not enforcing the law. Strangely, my Bible mentions that the state has been given the power of the sword to keep order. Nations don't forgive; groups don't forgive; only individuals forgive. The Reverend needs a few more years of Bible college.

Elmers Brother said...

mccain needs to go....into retirement

ELIMN8U said...

This deserves a MasterCard
"Priceless" moment!!!!!