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Monday, September 3, 2007

Adults Only

According to this tool, my blog is NC-17! WOW!

This is because of the presence of the following words:
  • sex (5x)
  • dead (3x)
  • hurt (2x)
  • kill (1x)

    My MySpace, on the other hand, is rated R, because of these words:
  • bitch (3x)
  • sexy (2x)
  • steal (1x)

    What is your blog rated?

    Gredd said...

    Ahh, so this is why I like your blog so much.

    You should find a way to tack that to your banner up top. :)

    Don_cos said...

    I went there and put in www.dailykos.com/. It came back as PG.


    You Cassy seem to be more vulgar than KOS!

    I'm not so sure I trust this little rating tool!

    Larry Flint probably gets a "G" rating.

    Cas said...

    I looked up RWN, and they were rated NC-17, too, which made me feel a little better lol. ;)