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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A City That Really Cares!

Maggie's Farm gives us a glimpse into the future of New York City under RINO Mayor Mike Bloomberg:

The Mayor's approval rating of 76% has been largely due to his efforts to safeguard city residents from tobacco smoke, trans fats, cars, guns, and other ills with which the ignorant masses are too stupid to deal with on their own. He seeks to build on this foundation with his ambitious new program, entitled "A City That Really Cares."

This futuristic iniative would put into place a 1,000 police force charged with enforcing new requirements such as:

  • The banning of all sales or wearing of women's heels over 2"

  • Required serving of broccoli and carrots with all New York City meals

  • The banning of sunbathing

  • Requiring the wearing of hats during sunny days, and wool hats when the temperature drops below 40 degrees F.

    And so on and so forth. Seem implausible?

    New York City cab fleets are being forced to phase into "environmentally friendly" hybrids by 2012, with all new vehicles required to be hybrids as early as two years from now. Ford Crown Victorias obviously are out as well, because politicians should be allowed to mandate how our businesses are run.

    New York City: the greatest city on Earth!