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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who will replace Rosie?

So I guess now the big question is, who will replace Rosie on The View? My guess is it will be another conspiracy-theorist liberal. The first guest host they had to fill in for Rosie's now-vacant spot was Whoopi Goldberg, who is definitely drinking the Kool-Aid.

You know who I would love to see join the panel? Michelle Malkin or Mary Katherine Ham. Seriously. They're both smart, talented, beautiful women who could eat Joy Behar and Baba Wawa for breakfast -- and then, the panel would actually be (gasp!) balanced, as far as the conservative-liberal ratio goes. Ratings go up whenever there are heated debates, right? I'm sure there'd be a lot more than that when you put a strong conservative voice on the panel along with the moonbat liberals.

Unfortunately, it is never going to happen. They'll find someone else who has the same opinions as Rosie and poor Elisabeth will be there all by herself.

Mary Katherine Ham and Michelle Malkin: next hosts of The View