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Monday, May 28, 2007

Sign this petition today

Rep. Eric Cantor has set up a petition for people to sign showing their disapproval of the awesome Teddy Kennedy's amnesty bill. It reads:

The rule of law is vital to the success and character of our nation.

I strongly urge our nation's leaders to oppose the Ted Kennedy Amnesty Bill currently being considered by the United States Senate.

Almost two decades ago, amnesty was attempted - it failed. Repeating that mistake will do nothing to secure our borders today.

America's insecure borders are an enormous threat to our national security - a liability we can not afford in the struggle against gang violence on our streets or in the Global War on Terror.

We must take steps to secure our border, but amnesty is not the way.

Our message is simple - do not support amnesty.

Sign it here.

Hat tip: RightWingNews