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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The United States: Paving the Way for Violence Against Women!

Ever wished you could rape a woman whenever you want? Think stoning women is fun?


Well, you'd be surprised to learn that apparently the United States advocates that kind of thing -- or at least, according to blogger Sapphire Blue at the Democratic Underground:

This girl is 17. She is being stoned to death, half-naked, by the men of an Iraqi village for fraternizing with a boy from another religion. And all the while it is happening other men look on cheering and take pictures of the carnage with their mobile phones. The police stand by and do nothing while other men disrobe and dishonor a woman for the sake, they say, of restoring their own.

By the end of the television news report, the girl is not writhing anymore. She is dead. And not one man did one thing to stop it.

Yanar Mohammed, president of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), in an interview with Women's Human Rights Net highlighted the effects of this war on women (whrnet.org/docs/interview-yanar-0603.html <1>).

... Mohammed, in a CNN interview, May 19, 2007, made two points no U.S. citizen wants to hear.

First, she said, the number of honor killings in Iraq have increased by the hundreds since the invasion.

Second, she went on, 10 years ago, long before the country was "freed," honor killings did not exist.

Pressed by the CNN reporter to explain the difference, Mohammed was short and to the point: "Someone came in from the outside and gave us "democracy," she said. The problem, she went on, is that the new democracy became Islamic -- not secular.

Now, she reports, men come to a house, bang on the door, say "This is a whorehouse" and murder all the women there. … It is sectarianism hiding behind religion."

The situation is even worse than that, however. With the change in the Iraqi Constitution, articles that protected the rights of women were eliminated. Now discrimination against women is, indeed, "honorable," is "religious," is legal.

Honor killings didn't exist before the United States freed Iraq?? We made discrimination against women honorable, religious, and legal?? Is this person serious?! What's funny to me is the contradiction made by Mohammed in the same breath. Honor killings didn't exist before the country was freed, but they've increased since the invasion. Hmm.

Of course they are, and most the commenters jumped right on the blame-US bandwagon.

Sadly enough for the Democratic Underground, honor killings are not a new concept, and they are not unique to Iraq. According to the U.N., liberals favorite organization in the whole world, they take place in countless countries, such as: Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, Yemen, and other Mediterranean and Gulf countries, and that they had also taken place in such countries as France, Germany and the United Kingdom within migrant communities.

Only in crazy moonbat liberal circles would democracy be pointed to as the cause of honor killings.