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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barack Obama, fairy tale king!

How do you know the left has gone too far with with their idolatry of the Obamamessiah?

When this picture accompanies an endorsement of him for President.

Rising from the sea like a mythical merman, with his loyal white steed behind him, the Left presents Barack Obama, fairy tale king!!

Christ Almighty. Do lefties really not see how ridiculous they have become with the Obama-mania? Seriously.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades


Charles said...

That's fantastic.

Angry White Guy said...

He looks like Gangsta-licious from the cartoon The Boondocks

Jewels said...

He's got roses flying out of his arse!

Charles said...

I thought it was a unicorn at first!

Anonymous said...

*hiccup* laughlaughlaugh *hic!* gahgahgah *snort* oh my gawd, this really made my day

Hark! The angels did sing, yo pansy in rose clothing is here.