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Thursday, May 8, 2008

DNC Superdelegate is selling his vote for $20mil

Not for profit, of course. Oh no. He's selling his vote for charity... or something...
[O]ne superdelegate is courting the candidates. He says he'll sell his vote for a price. A very high price: $20 million.

Steven Ybarra of Sacramento says that eight-figure price is peanuts for the presidency.

When asked whether it was right to offer what is clearly a quid pro quo, he responded, "yeah, absolutely. People do it all the time," answered Ybarra.

But not like this. Not in public and not for such big bucks. It begs the question: Is he crazy?

"Nobody's said I'm crazy," said Ybarra.

Ybarra wants every cent of the $20 million to go towards registering and educating eligible Mexican-American voters, who he calls the key to the White House.

"And I keep asking the question of the DNC: 'why won't you earmark money for these voters?' And their answer is, 'oh, we can't do that' Which is a lie," said Ybarra.

With the Democratic National Committee saying 'no,' Ybarra waits for a 'yes' from already cash-strapped Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Would he accept less? How about $5 million?

"No, $5 million is nothing," said Ybarra.

It might be a moot point as neither campaign has come calling.

This doesn't surprise me in the least. Does it surprise anyone? I mean, really now.

And only a DNC Superdelegate would be concerned with making sure only minority Americans get educated and registered to vote. White male voters need not apply!

Of course, who's to say this guy won't just pocket the cash? In either case, this is pretty damn ridiculous. What's really sad is how very little this story surprises me. Only the DNC would make a wackjob like this guy a superdelegate.


John said...

To bad we can't start a fundraising drive, to make him vote for someone like Ron Paul.

Yeah, I know he's not running for the Dem primary, but superdelagates can vote for whomever they want, right?

mkfreeberg said...

Ybarra wants every cent of the $20 million to go towards registering and educating eligible Mexican-American voters, who he calls the key to the White House.

Morgan's Rule of Liberal Symbiosis remains completely consistent, yet again.

Liberal democrats absolutely refuse to recognize any symbiotic relationship across class lines; they refuse to acknowledge any two classes of people might share common interests. Their world view is always, always, always based on the premise that all classes are at war for finite resources with all other classes.

Hey -- I have an idea. But it'll only work if this yahoo gets his 20 large. Set up a class that spends a few minutes discussing how to vote, get a driver's license, get an apartment, etc. etc. etc. And then the REST of the time, it explores the English language...how to speak it...why everyone in your family, once they come here, should speak it ALL the time. Why -- when you go HOME, you should still speak English. (My grandfather and grand-uncles didn't speak Swedish when they went home, they continued to speak English.)

Why it is particularly evil to allow your elderly parents and grandparents, once here, to speak something besides English. And why it is especially harmful to allow your children to converse in anything besides English.

How, if you have any more relatives back at home you want to bring in, make SURE THEY KNOW that once here they'll be expected to follow the rules and to speak English.

Spend about 95% of the class on that.

Then send in a bill.

I'll run that brand of education, up against anything Ybarra might already have in mind, any day of the week.