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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Obama likes union corruption.

Is anyone surprised? From the Wall Street Journal:
Sen. Barack Obama won the endorsement of the Teamsters earlier this year after privately telling the union he supported ending the strict federal oversight imposed to root out corruption, according to officials from the union and the Obama campaign.

It's an unusual stance for a presidential candidate. Policy makers have largely treated monitoring of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters as a legal matter left to the Justice Department since an independent review board was set up in 1992 to eliminate mob influence in the union.

Well, he likes to associate with terrorists and racists, so why not corrupt teamsters and mobsters, too?

Besides, he's a politician. Who cares about what's good for the people when he could screw them over to get a few extra votes?

Hat Tip: Stop the ACLU


Texas Truth said...

Yes, and the majority of Germany thought Hitler was going to make their lifes better. Little did they know.

Chalmers said...

Nice. I am glad he is so devoted to "change." I am curious what he has in mind for his next big "change."

Baz said...

So now you're in favor of government regulation?

I'm confused.

Regardless, this is pretty meaningless without corroboration or some further explanation. Without these, there's not much of a story here.