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Friday, May 9, 2008

Do me a favor...

... and drop by Conservative Grapevine today if you haven't already. Add it to your favorites or your blogroll.

As most of you know, John Hawkins is a good friend of mine. He links me constantly on CG; I'm trying to return the favor. Conservative Grapevine is a great site, and I check it every day to find new and different news stories for the day.

So make sure to swing on by. It's a great site.

And, you know, not just because I'm linked on there all the time. Really. ;)


mkfreeberg said...

Hawkins...that's that guy you're cheating on me with, right?

Gosh I don't know, sweetie. You're giving me pangs of jealousy here.

Anonymous said...

OT. Cassy, anyone who thinks you are fat has been looking at too many bulimic "supermodels".

John F Not Kerry

Anonymous said...

Funny thing. I heard about your contretemps with some trolls on another site, with a few quotes thrown in. I just scrolled down to see the actual post and found a bulimic "supermodel"! I guess great minds think alike. :)


Pelletman said...

I don't think your friend is what John wants to be..