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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Al Gore to win a Nobel Peace Prize?

There was a lot of buzz going around that Al Gore might be the recipient of this year's Nobel Peace Prize:
The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize could go to a climate campaigner such as ex-U.S. Vice-President Al Gore or Inuit activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier, reinforcing a view that global warming is a threat to world security, experts say.

The winner of the $1.5 million prize, perhaps the world's top accolade, will be announced in Oslo on October 12 from a field of 181 candidates. The prize can be split up to three ways.

"There are reasonably good chances that the peace prize will be awarded to someone working to stop the dramatic climate problems the world is facing," said Boerge Brende, a former Norwegian environment minister.

Brende and another Norwegian parliamentarian nominated Gore for his Oscar-winning movie about climate change "An Inconvenient Truth" and Watt-Cloutier, who has highlighted the plight of indigenous cultures facing a quickening Arctic thaw.

The Goracle was supposed to appear this week in a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer. But Babs sent out an e-mail saying that the Goracle wouldn't be able to make it because of some kind of environmental "mission". Al Gore: The Indiana Jones of the Climate Change Movement!
I just got a call from Vice President Al Gore. He told me that he needs to travel abroad tomorrow for an exciting and urgent mission that could result in a major breakthrough in the fight against global warming.

Unfortunately, this means that we must postpone our Thursday, October 11th event with him until Friday, November 9th. I wanted to be sure to e-mail you tonight in case you were planning on attending.

While I am really disappointed that we won't see Al Gore until next month, I am thrilled that he is continuing to provide critical leadership to address one of the most pressing issues of our time. You should know that only the most urgent global warming mission has called him out of the country.

I look forward to seeing you on November 9th so we can all hear first-hand about Al Gore's latest exciting initiatives. We will be back in touch in the coming days with more details about the rescheduled event.

Thank you so much for your continued friendship and support!

Barbara Boxer

A lot of eyebrows were raised, because this week is when the Nobel Peace Prize recipient will be announced. Is the Goracle going to win?

His spokesperson, Kalee Kreider, says no.
That cancellation coupled with the fact that the Nobel Peace Prize, which Gore is rumored to be nominated for, is set to be announced tomorrow in Oslo, Norway created huge buzz among the political class. If Gore won the peace prize, the argument goes, it would provide him with a huge platform from which to enter the presidential race.

Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider threw cold water on the rampant speculation, however, in an email exchange with The Fix earlier today.

"The events in California were postponed because of a request to participate in senior level meetings on the climate crisis in Asia," Kreider said. "However, early Thursday morning these meetings were postponed." As a result, Gore will resume his planned trip in California today and tomorrow will be a "normal long business day" according to Kreider. On Saturday, Gore is set to return to his home in Nashville.

As for the draft efforts, Kreider said that "we truly appreciate all the enthusiasm out there for the former vice president, but he does not have any intention to run for President."

You know, I never thought about a Nobel Peace Prize win catapaulting Al Gore back into the presidential race, a truly creepy thought. It's like Halloween or something -- you know, how Michael Myers never really dies?

Even with the statement from the Goracle's spokesperson, he could still win. I can just imagine the statement from the committee now, something probably as vapid and inane as the statement they made for Jimmy Carter back in 2002:
"(The 2002 Nobel Peace Prize) should be interpreted as a criticism of the line that the current (U.S.) administration has taken. It's a kick in the leg to all that follow the same line as the United States." -- Nobel Committee Chairman Gunnar Berge on giving Jimmy Carter the Nobel Peace Prize

So, I thought I'd have a little fun and see if I could guess what kind of statement we might get for why the Goracle would win the Nobel Prize.

  • "Thanks to Al Gore, polar bears will no longer be drowning, therefore free to continue to kill and maim any humans that come into contact with them, therefore contributing to world peace, as humankind is an inherently violent and unpeaceful race."

    What would your statement for why the Goracle won the Nobel Peace Prize be?

    Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


    Alex said...

    "Thanks to Al Gore, polar bears will no longer be drowning, therefore free to continue to kill and maim any humans that come into contact with them"

    omg your are stupid as hell

    you think its good to melt the polar to kill icebears so they cant kill humans

    omg your are even stupider than hell

    hope you get killed by one of the beautifulst and rar animals in the polar area the ice bear

    or simply because of your stupid

    open your mind stupid redneck
    and dont watch to much fox its no free media

    Cas said...

    I really try not to insult people who read my blogs, because I want them to keep reading.

    But... I can't help it.

    Your comment really, really made me laugh. A lot. Out loud.

    Especially when you called me stupid, but wrote things like "beautifulst" and "rar".

    Learn to write above a second-grade level, educate yourself on the reality of the "beautifulst" and "rar" "ice bears" in the "polar area", and then come back.

    Mmkay pumpkin? :)

    Sassy Poker said...

    I would not put the life of one polar bear ahead of the life of one human, period. If polar bears, grizzly bears, caribou, moles, chipmunks, squirrels or sparrows kill people, they should be dealt with as such.
    And Alex, have you ever heard of "tongue in cheek", apparently not.

    COPioneer said...

    surely alex is just engaging in irony?

    Gredd said...

    I giggled a little when I read 'rar' whilst talking about bears.

    eyedea said...

    Just like Alex said... stupid as Hell.
    What a polemic, stupid and disproportional statement.

    Cas, do you think by delabouring on the grammar skills of commentators you can deceive your poor arguments of comparing the death of 1 individual in about 10 years getting killed by an icebear to the effect of the global warming, which means a deadly danger to the whole mankind ? You can't be serious... nobody is that brainless. Not even american republican voters.

    By the way... only not trying to insult the readers of your blogs because you want them to keep reading your blog is simply self-prostitution.

    Don't get me wrong, i really appreciate freedom of speech, but people like you, unable to argument on an objective way should be beaten to death with their own keyboards.

    OMG, don't you get what a freakin bullshit you just launch out?!

    And just to dispel the doubts... i get tongue in cheek, but i don't catch what you're heading to.
    And also to anticipate further grammar critics: I'm not a native speaker, so please desist from marking my mistakes.

    Sincerely, another misgiving reader from outside the US

    Cas said...

    Eyedea --

    Good God, I do not understand why people are taking the damn polar bear comment so seriously.

    It. was. sarcasm.

    There were a lot of people moaning and crying how we had to "save the polar bears!" because they were drowning at sea, something that was categorically false. The entire point of making that stupid statement was to reflect on the stupidity of the committee's statement when they gave Jimmy Carter the Peace Prize. I was making fun of them -- do you get it? I wasn't exactly being serious.

    And I can argue without insulting people; I do it on a fairly regular basis with my liberal and libertarian friends. But occasionally, someone makes it too easy for me (like Alex), and when that person is insulting me, I'm not going to sit there and not respond.

    Let's just remember that this is my blog and I can say whatever it is I feel like it. I try not to delete comments or dissuade people from commenting, but if you insult me or my readers, then I will fight back. I don't know why that's so shocking to people.

    Gredd said...

    Eyedea says:
    "but people like you, unable to argument on an objective way should be beaten to death with their own keyboards."

    Hmm, so does this mean you should be beaten to death too? There's a lot of anger in that statement. Really, you should probably sit on the can and take a good dump or something. It'll make you feel better and you won't make bad comments like that.

    alacrityfitzhugh said...

    "do you think by delabouring (sic)on the grammar skills of commentators you can deceive your poor arguments (?) of comparing the death of 1 individual in about 10 years getting killed by an icebear to the effect of the global warming, which means a deadly danger to the whole mankind ? You can't be serious... nobody is that brainless"
    "delabouring"?? "deceive your poor arguments"??? "killed by an icebear"???? "nobody is that brainless" This is parody...right?

    eyedea said...

    Ok, maybe i really got you wrong.

    And yes, there was a lot of anger in it. About - please excuse the generalization most american people not givin a shit about the environment if they can just keep up their wasteful lifestyle of air cons running 24/7 and 7 liter big block cars - the blind renouncement of global warming in the american public.

    I admit that my description of the american lifestyle above is overstatet, but this is the picture that emerges in the mind's eye of many people thinking about the US and global warming. You know the statistics...

    Maybe i wrong a lot of people in the US, but imho there are still a lot greedy people not giving a fuck about what's happening to our ALL earth.
    And this arrogant environmental attitude makes me angry.

    Appearently i'm preaching to the choir, sorry 'bout that & the insults.


    Alex said...

    sry cas, when iam angry because of ignorance and stupid people, my englisch gets bad.
    the other reason is because my mother language isnt english.

    you should be thankful for people like al gore

    the only thing they are doing is caring about your planet

    thats better than writing shit in the internet

    Gredd said...

    Alex said:
    "you should be thankful for people like al gore"

    LO flippin L!

    A very large chunk of me wants to say that there is zero reason I should be thankful for Algore. But then you come along and make posts like this and it puts a smile on my face. This wouldn't have happened if Algore didn't exist. So I am thankful for him in a round about way.

    I also want to take a moment to discuss your English. It's not your use of the language or the spelling errors, we all make those goofs. And I get that it's probably not easy. I know it is cause it's my native tongue and it's pretty much scared me out of learning any other languages. But it's your complete lack of punctuation and capital letters that's driving me crazy. :) Surely, where ever you learned what English you know, they must have mentioned these.

    Again, please don't take this as a personal insult, I'm not trying to brush off anything you say because of your grammar (what you're point is is funny enough). Pay attention to how the other posts look. A capital letter starts off a sentence. A period or exclamation point ends a sentence. These will help you in the long run, and I love watching people learn and improve. I'm rooting for you!

    REB said...

    EcoEarth.Info is an environmental hazard in itself!

    Read up on the electronics industry and you'll find that making the infrastructure to create and sustain the Internet creates a lot of pollution and habitat disturbance. You environmental wackos should take down your web sites in protest. :^)

    You tree-hugging twits are also major methane sources, due to your vegan diet. Do us all a favor and commit hari-kiri to save the planet from global warming!