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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Picture of the Day

A Michelle Malkin reader and veteran, Big John, sends a priceless photo of him counter-protesting:


Way to go, John!


PaleoMedic said...

Been lurking for a few weeks. Time to comment. After watching how hard it was for Jamie and Adam on Mythbusters to remotely drive an old Plymouth in a reasobly straight line I find the idea of remotely piloting a 767 a wee bit unlikely.

Nitwit indeed.

alacrityfitzhugh said...

Do I have this right? The 9-11 Truthers believe that the government wasted a couple of perfectly good multi-million dollar aircraft, to kill thousands of people , do millions in property damage, cripple the domestic airline and tourism industries, so that we could invade Iraq (which we somehow forgot to do and invaded Afghanistan instead) so that we could take their oil...when we finally got around to it...which we also forgot to do?
Did I leave anything out?? Wow! Truth IS stranger than fiction!