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Friday, November 23, 2007

Q & A: Books and Thanksgiving

PaleoMedic said...

What kind of books do you read? Fiction? Non-fiction? What's the best one you've read recently?

Followup; Why do people fly on the Thanksgiving holiday? I can almost guarantee we'll be seeing news stories of thousands of people stranded in Wichita or Denver by weather in Chicago. Happens like clockwork.

The best book I've read recently is called And Only To Deceive by Tasha Alexander. It's kind of chick lit, but I like it. I read a lot of different things -- fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, political books, books on current events. I started reading when I was four, and pretty much never stopped.

As far as flying on Thanksgiving... I've never done it. So I can't really say why people do. ;)


PaleoMedic said...

You're a decade ahead of me, in a sense. I didn't read my first (unassigned) book until I was fourteen. That was The Hobbit, followed by the Lord of the Rings.

As for Thanksgiving, I was (naturally) proven wrong. As far as I know, this one went off without a hitch. At least in my neck of the woods. Montana was cold, but beautiful. Great driving weather on the way home.