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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fool's!

If you couldn't tell, ALL of yesterday's posts were a joke.

I've never even MET John Hawkins, let alone have sex with him. I'm not giving up on men or conservatism. I don't suddenly love Amanda Marcotte, and I'm not a feminist lesbian. I certainly don't want Hillary Clinton to be President, and I DO NOT want her to be my lover (ew).

So, Happy April Fool's Day, and back to regular blogging today!


mvargus said...

I liked the posts yesterday, they were interesting and fun.

Even if no one remembers why April 1 is called "April Fools Day"

I'd be willing to bet Cassy doesn't know that one. :P

Shailesh Ghimire said...

And here I thought hell had frozen over... I kinda figured, but you just never know when people flip out...

Anonymous said...

I kind of suspected as much. Still, Hillary in that cotton candy pink pantsuit WAS pretty hawt!


BigJohn said...

Loved the april fools posts... My only question is, did you actually manage to type any of those with a straight face?

Rachel Lucas said...

Whatever, Cassy, you can't backpedal now just because the date you chose to admit your moral breakdown is convenient.


And I am here to tell you what I have this week also told two of my other favorite bloggers: You need to buy your own domain, install Wordpress, and get off of Blogspot. I will help you in any way I can if you will do this thing.

You're NUTS if you haven't already bought the cassyfiano.com domain name. Nuts, I say.

Cas said...

No, John, I couldn't type them with a straight face. I was cracking up the entire time!

And yes, Rachel, you are so, so right. I'm looking to start with that next week, hopefully. That is teh plan. ;)