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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Video of the Day, Part Two

I can barely watch this video. My family is a family of NASCAR fans. My dad is a Jeff Gordon fan, while my aunt loves Tony Stewart, and there's a lot of good-natured ribbing going back and forth every Sunday. They never, ever miss a race. My dad drag races himself, and has since I was a kid, and I guess racing is just something that will always be in my family.

A lot of people just watch NASCAR to see the crashes. Well, this one's a doozy, and it's tough to watch:

How that man was able to walk away, I have no idea. God was on his side that day, that's for damn sure.


HamBone said...

God, and the safety barn door that was closed after Dale senior's death.

Adjoran said...

They call it the "Car of Tomorrow." Has had nagging tire wear issues, but the safety is out of sight, as witnessed by the fact the young man not only walked away from the crash, but planned on racing this weekend (which means not even a concussion from flipping once and rolling several times).

Patrick said...

Being only 24 years old helps, too. If that had been Mark Martin or Bill Elliott, probably would have been take out in pieces.