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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quote of the Day

Genius from one of the biggest celebutards out there:
"I don’t know what our government does except put us into debt and blow up other countries."
- Madonna

Right, honey. That's all the government does. How brilliant you are.

At least she admits that she knows jack shit about anything more important than being a provocative slut 24/7 -- that is what she built her career on, right? And if she can admit she knows nothing about government, then she can keep her mouth shut about it as well.


Vernunft said...

Was she talking about England?

Sockless Joe said...

You say "provocative slut" like it's a bad thing.

J. Wesley said...

I was just reading Camille Paglia on Madonna today. She basically said that Madonna is brilliant as an icon, but sounds vapid and silly when she opens her mouth.

In terms of image, Madonna would have done better to OD circa 1989 and gone into history pristine like Hendrix or Morrison. Her schtick doesn't age well. (Tho obviously I'm glad she didn't kill herself, no matter her vapidity.)

- J. Wesley

I R A Darth Aggie said...

It is instructive to remember that she doesn't want her daughter to follow along the provactive slut career path.

But that pretty much is the job description the Federal government has: blow stuff up, expensively. Whether that be the war on terror or the war on poverty, account irregularities are guaranteed!

Fortunately, I didn't swallow my morning tea down the wrong pipe. No one expects the Madonna Inquisition.