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Friday, April 4, 2008

Comment Policy and Blogging

Hello all,

There are two things I wanted to go over real quick.

First, I've officially changed the rules. You now have to be a registered user to comment here -- don't blame me, thank the trolls. There have been a few commenters who have been trolling here and making rude personal attacks. I threatened before to close commenting to registered users only if this continued; well, it has, and so the decision has been made. I'm very sorry to have to do this, but I agree with the sound advice that Rachel and Melissa are giving me: stomp out the cockroaches now. I don't mind my actual writing being criticized or critiqued, but personal attacks on me or on my readers will not be tolerated.

Second, next week I'm planning on buying a domain name and moving off of Blogger. I'd like to use Movable Type. I need someone who would be able to help with the site design for my new website and with installing Movable Type. If there's anyone out there who could help me out with this, I would be eternally grateful. If this is what you do for a living, I'd be more than happy to promote you here in exchange. Please just e-mail me at cassyblog@hotmail.com and let me know.



ryan said...

So, are dissenting opinions allowed? I <3 conservative bloggers.

M03GymofufjQLLFnCp3dE_.63y.xTbf5Rw-- said...

Good move Cassy. People leaving comments anonymously don't deserve to have their voice heard.

Trolls, If you don't have the huevos to sign your name, move along.

Rachel Lucas said...

Good call, toots.

About MovableType, here I am one more time throwing my opinion around like a pompous ass. But that opinion is that Wordpress is much much much better.

I used MT for years, including on my old blog. Been using Wordpress since last summer and it is literally ten times easier. Even for someone like me who knows HTML and CSS. It's easier to install, easier to interface with, etc. The plugins rule, too.

Mileage may vary; I know some people love MT to bits. Just my experience has been that WP is a lot better in a lot of ways.

But I don't care what you use, I'm just glad you're buying the domain and gettin' off the Spot! :)

Angry White Guy said...

Ok, wtf did I miss with the personal attacks???

Deuce Geary said...

I'll second Rachel on Wordpress. I've never tried MT, but I use Wordpress for my professional blog and it is exceptionally easy to use, and some webhosts (Go Daddy, e.g.) will install it for you with a mouse click -- though sometimes they are not always caught up with the latest release. Updates are very easy to accomplish as well, ane every update has gone without a hitch.