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Friday, August 17, 2007

Congratulations to Jenna Bush

One of President Bush's daughters has just become engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Harry Hager, and he even asked for her father's permission first (now that took... guts!):
The White House has announced that 25-year-old Jenna Bush has got engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Henry Hager.

And, being a nicely brought-up young man, he duly asked the President of the United States for permission to marry his daughter.

The pair met during the president's 2004 re-election campaign, and have been dating ever since.

They have been spotted together at many public events, including the White House dinner for Charles and Camilla in November 2005.

"They have been great, great friends all this time," Henry's mother, Maggie, said.

And it was she who revealed that her son had followed tradition and asked Jenna's father's permission, saying: "Anybody raised in this family follows the rules."

As to the location for the wedding, the word is that the White House is unlikely because Jenna does not see it as her home - the smart money is on Texas or Maine.

I think it's incredibly romantic and sweet, not to mention respectful, to ask for the father's permission first. That's gotta be scary for a guy just to ask a regular dad. But can you imagine asking the President?! Man. I'd be shaking, if it was me.

But anyways, congratulations to Jenna and Harry, and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.


Anonymous said...

I think she also has a bun in the oven.


Huck said...

anonymous - Ouch! Any shred of evidence to warrant such a speculation?

Cassy - I guess asking dad for his daughter is o.k. as a quaint throwback to tradition, but only as long as it sheds the whole "women-as-commodity-exchanges-between-men" legacy.

I would hope (and expect) that Mr. Hager asked Jenna first, and got her opinion on whether/how to approach dad, before he actually went ahead and asked him.

Gredd said...

Huck, it shows the lady that he's brave and willing to put himself at risk for her (not a physical risk mind you). Going to the father, who's suppose to look out for her best interests and be her protector, and saying, I think I'm worth your daughter's love, judge me. That's an incredibly brave thing to do (speaking on a psychological level. No one likes to be judged). Throw on that this father is the POTUS, and you've got one brave fella!

Heh, if I were President and figured this was going to happen someday, as a joke I'd ask my Secret Service Agents to pull their guns when the boy asks for my permission. I'm pretty sure everyone would laugh about that years later! (Me, I'd find that funny right there and then!) :)

jpm100 said...

They'd been dating 2 years and she's 26. Probability its a shotgun wedding couldn't get much lower.

Don_cos said...

I think she also has a bun in the oven. ~ Anonymous

So she can cook to! Cool!

And for you humor impared types, that was a joke.

Keith said...

Little young but I bet he is not eager to possibly lose out on marrying the daughter of a President.

Good move on the asking form permission. I also did the same thing by taking my fiancee's Dad out for dinner. It was awkward and pretty damn nerve-wracking!

Anonymous said...

heh, 26 is young to be getting married? I guess the times are a-changing.. XD ..seems a little late, to me.