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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Meet Bearforce1

This is Bearforce1:

Can anyone guess what they're famous for?

Yep, they are the world's first ever all-gay boy band... made up of... bears. And they're from Holland.

Um... thoughts?


Huck said...

Well, I'd say that they're not very talented. The dancing is atrocious. The choreography is lame. And I could do without the more blatant sexual movements (but, hey, I think that about the Spice Girls or just about any hetero hip-hop video!).

All that aside, if there's a market for the untalented Bearforce1, more power to them.

Angry White Guy said...

Cassie, are you trying to make me hate you?

You keep hurting my brain. Why?

Why must you test my love?


Mad Boston Arab said...

Anybody else think of this...


Don_cos said...

That'a not a boy band. That's an old farts, mid life crisis band.

LCVRWC said...

I thought the Village People were the first gay boy band?