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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Why conservatives should stand with Hunter

Freeper Pissant sent me an e-mail about this essay by Alexander Madison on Duncan Hunter, and why conservatives need to rally behind him (including Mr. Limbaugh).

Here's an excerpt:
If Congressman and Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter had a dollar for every conservative who said “Gee, Hunter is really great, but he doesn’t have traction”, or, “Yeah, he may be the most conservative, but he can’t win”, the Hunter Campaign would be leading the 2008 money race. Alas, his campaign receives no money from folks who “really like” him, but think he can’t win. Just a “that’s too bad” or a “I wish he’d catch fire” or some equally tepid gesture.

Well, let me tell you, fellow conservatives, why this cannot and will not continue, and why the tide is starting to turn in Hunter’s favor. The “that’s too bad”s are changing to “what can I do to help?”s, as more and more folks are looking very hard at the world we face today and are beginning to evaluate who needs to lead the charge. This 2008 election is an argument for America’s soul. And the Republican primary is a referendum on the GOP’s future as a conservative party, not just a beauty pageant for politicians and their clever (consultant driven) ploys to sound like conservatives.

So my argument below addresses 3 key topics that definitively illustrate why all conservatives must climb aboard the Hunter bandwagon. The first two are about Mr. Hunter himself – his history and philosophy. The third topic is the much needed and long overdue comparison – how he stacks up against the other republican hopefuls. In addition, I will demonstrate that Hunter really does “have a chance” and how his ascension is the best thing to happen to the GOP since Ronald Wilson Reagan left the democrats and joined the party of Lincoln. And lastly, I will address the role of Mr. Limbaugh and his fellow talkers in this election cycle.

Make sure to read the whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, that freeper Pissant sure gets around!


Anonymous said...

Here is an archive of Hunter praising Rush on the floor of the house (2001)