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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Duncan Hunter on immigration at last night's debate

I'm behind Hunter for President in 2008 all the way -- ever since I learned of him, I felt that he was the one we need right now to lead this country. His three core principles are a strong national defense, enforceable borders, and fair trade. He has been very vocal in opposition to the shamnesty plan Kennedy and McCain are trying to force through, and here he is at last night's debate about illegal immigration and the "jobs Americans won't do":

One of the best responses of the night.


mnuez said...

Yah - in fact that's how I came to your blog, I searched "hunter" in blogsearch cause I liked his response to the ridiculous claim about immigrants "doing jobs Americans won't do".

I'll tell ya, Democrats who fellate illegals owing to some confusion regarding civil rights n all, or because they need some cause to get behind are just fools, but the republicans who support illegals are doing it solely for the sake of being able to increase their profits by paying less for labor than they would have to were they hiring Americans - and these folk are worse than fools, they're evil.

What Hunter said about the folk looking to get their jobs back at the meat packing plant was nothing all too deep. Anyone with a fifth grade understanding of 'supply and demand' knows that the American economy will not crumble if we kick out the millions of illegals but will just allow for a few more Americans to feed their families as they get the jobs for a living wage that illegals were doing for free.

Anyhow, I liked yer note and I'll go and check some more a your blog now.

Oh and the part that's already obvious from the photo on the page I've already seen is that I absolutely and totally desire you. Yowza.

Anonymous said...

Cassy. Saw your blog being linked by Hawkins at Right Wing News. Just posted you at FreeRepublic. Let me know if you are interested in being a "Conservative Babe of the Week" there. LOL



Anonymous said...

You've become popular.. You now have a fan club w/ the Freepers.

Anonymous said...

You've become popular.. You now have a fan club w/ the Freepers.