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Friday, June 29, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards refuses to discuss left-based personal attacks

Well gee whiz, ain't that just the shocker of the century!!

Bill O'Reilly discussed it on The O'Reilly Factor with Dick Morris, mentioning he invited Elizabeth Edwards on his show to discuss personal attacks from the left:

"Okay, now after that interview, and nobody knows this, we called Elizabeth Edwards. And we said, ‘you know we’re real interested in this personal attack stuff because we have a problem with that on the left. Would you come on, either sit, you know, on a set, or on the phone?’ ‘No.’ Now, I’m saying to myself, wait a minute, you call into a program that no one watches, alright. And you have a point, no one watches. She’s- nobody sees this. I’m giving you a forum where ten million people on radio and TV are going to see it and you say no."

"Alright, now, we called Edwards as I mentioned, Elizabeth Edwards. And said, ‘look we want to talk about this too, these personal attacks.’ And she says ‘no.’"

And gee, she said no. I'm just shocked. Shocked and appalled. Who would've thought?

Hat tip: Newsbusters


huckupchuck said...

Cassy - I think it's pretty clear that Elizabeth Edwards is opposed to all forms of personal attacks in politics. Does her failure to go on O'Reilly really diminish her point? It seems that the conservative meme regarding this whole episode is to say that because the left does it, then it's somehow o.k. for the right to do it. What ever happened to the notion of doing what's right and decent regardless of what other people do? I'd just like to know whether you think what Elizabeth Edwards said about personal attacks degrading the process of political dialogue was right, and whether you think Ann Coulter engages in such kinds of personal attacks?

Conservatives seem to be trying to defend the ugliness of Coulter by saying that there are ugly leftists, too. I mean, really, what does this say about Ann Coulter for her to be equated with the ugliness of the smearmongers of the left? The end is that they're all still ugly smearmongers. And you don't need Elizabeth Edwards to tell you that.

Anonymous said...

"Cassy - I think it's pretty clear that Elizabeth Edwards is opposed to all forms of personal attacks in politics."


"Amanda Marcotte"