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Friday, June 22, 2007

Nancy Pelosi: Go Team Canada!

You read right -- straight from Madam Speaker Pioneer Pelosi's website:

Here's a close-up:

Notice the "CANADA" in gold lettering on the patch on her shoulder? That's because it is a Canadian officer:

  • Admiral (Adm) or General (Gen)

    On the cuffs, one broad gold horizontal stripe; on the epaulets, four small gold maple leaves in a diamond pattern with crossed swords and a crown above. Unless written otherwise, all epaulets have "CANADA" in gold lettering on the epaulets on the part nearest the sleeve.

  • Is she that dense that she couldn't figure that out before she made it live on her website? She honestly couldn't tell the difference between a Canadian officer and an American one?

    Oh well, she's Pioneer Pelosi -- above all criticism!!

    Hat Tip: Qando


    Gredd said...

    This didn't seem to be on the page anymore, so I'm guessing someone pointed their error out to them. I also want to say this is the second time it's happened. I could have sworn I'd seen that picture before and it was used for the exact same reason, veteran health issues. I bet it was yanked before but not deleted, somehow ended up in the picture archives, and low and behold, someone looking for a picture of a uniform sees it and goes, 'this picture is perfect for us!' Oops.

    Northern Exposer said...

    Being Canadian, let me fill people like Pelosi (and Michael Moore for that matter) in on a few things about our health care system. In short, it sucks. First off, it's not "free healthcare" we're taxed up the wahzoo. Yeah, some prescriptions are low-cost, but what these ignorant, socialized medicine fans don't realize (or ignore) is that at any given time, at any given hospital, you'll find children and seniors alike waiting on gurneys in the hallways because of the lack of beds, not to mention the lack of doctors thanks to the brain-drain to the States due to socialist regulating of doctors pay. You see, here in Canada, doctors have a ceiling of no more than $100,000 per year, except for specialists, who are not ALLOWED to make that much more. Don't believe the hype.