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Monday, June 11, 2007

Paris speaks!

"Today I told my attorneys not to appeal the judge's decision. While I greatly appreciate the Sheriff's concern for my health and welfare, after meeting with doctors I intend to serve my time as ordered by the judge.

This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. During the past several days, I have had a lot of time to reflect and have already learned a bitter, but important lesson from this experience.

As I have said before, I hope others will learn from my mistake. I have also had time to read the mail from my fans. I very much appreciate all of their good wishes and hope they will keep their letters coming.

I must also say that I was shocked to see all of the attention devoted to the amount of time I would spend in jail for what I had done by the media, public and city officials. I would hope going forward that the public and the media will focus on more important things, like the men and women serving our country in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places around the world."

And she also made this statement over the phone to Barbara Walters:

"I used to act dumb. That act is no longer cute. Now, I would like to make a difference. God has given me this new chance. I was not eating or sleeping [of her first few days in prison]. I was severely depressed and felt as if I was in a cage. It was a horrible experience."

Oh, so she only acted dumb. She's really, really, like smart, y'all. Remember that.


Angry White Guy said...

That's one great publicist she's got...

But hey, if she can becme a better person at the end of all of this, more power to her.


But the first time she utters "that's hot", I'm slapping her into next Thursday. I'm just sayin'...

Don_cos said...

Oh, so she only acted dumb. She's really, really, like smart, y'all. Remember that.

Who said she knew how to act?