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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update on Rosie's "My Daughter is a Terrorist" photo

Jeez, y'all, she was just playing terrorist. No need to get all uppity.

She spoke about it to The Showbuzz in an email, saying:

"They don't watch TV – this is how they play/the boys had fatigues and were playing war/the girls wanted some/they run around the house with water guns/shooting each other."

"It's fascinating to me/that an image of a child dressed up as a soldier/evokes so much attention/yet the real soldiers – their deaths – their wounded bodies/doesn't seem to faze most/or make news."

They're just playing terrorists. That's all. It's ok. No big deal. She just happened to snap a photo and it somehow ended up on her website, but there is no political motivation there. Although, now that you bring it up...

Why do people still take this woman seriously? I can't believe she still has fans.

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Anonymous said...

Would everyone please stop calling that poor girl "Rosie's daughter!" She is not "Rosies daughter!"