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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Seattle Presents: Moonbats-In-Training!

A Seattle school board meeting went awry after adults in charge refused to make mini-moonbats act like... well, adults. Sprinkle a little military hatred on top, and you've got yourself a perfect moonbat sundae.

From The Seattle Times:

A protest of military recruiting in Seattle Public Schools has shut down tonight's School Board meeting.

Acting President Darlene Flynn recessed the meeting before she could even take roll because about 30 students marched into the meeting room chanting, "Yo School Board, what's up? We're here to say we've had enough."

Some students covered with fake blood collapsed on the floor, then were carried around the room. After the demonstration, the students spoke to the meeting's attendees in support of a proposed policy they wrote that would require military recruitment to be confined to twice-yearly recruitment fairs.

After more than a half-hour, the board convened with the district's attorney to discuss its course of action. Board members re-entered the board meeting room, where the students demanded 10 to 15 minutes to address them.

Instead, board member Brita Butler-Wall made a motion to reconvene in a small boardroom. The media — but not the public — were allowed inside while the board continued its business.

"We couldn't hear each other, and if you can't hear each other, you can't do the public's business," Flynn said.

At 7:45 p.m., the board voted to return to the boardroom after a break. The protesters had moved outside.

Blatant military hatred aside (although, what else can you expect from the Starbucks State?), why were these kids allowed to carry on like this? Once upon a time, you were required to make a point intelligently, using facts, not hysteria. Not for moonbats, oh no -- gross emotionalism is what they use as ammo, and that's what these kids did, and they got away with it.

A toddler learns that if he throws a temper tantrum, he will either be punished or rewarded. And that's what these kids did -- threw a massive temper tantrum and they were rewarded. Rather than actually maintain control of the school board meeting, Acting President Darlene Flynn just awarded legitimacy to their hissy fit and taught them that throwing hissy fits will get them whatever they want.

All of that aside, what is it about the left coast that makes them hate the military so damn much? I feel bad for anyone stationed in Seattle.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


Don_cos said...

"what is it about the left coast that makes them hate the military so damn much?"

It's all the shaking from the earthquakes! It bruises their brains!