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Monday, June 18, 2007

John Hawkins interviews John Ensign, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman

Over at Right Wing News, John Hawkins has an interview with National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Ensign:

John Hawkins: Sure, I understand. Give me an estimate of how many calls, emails, and faxes that you think the RNSC has received over the immigration issue and maybe what the for and against ratio has been.

John Ensign: The number of calls to our personal offices as well as to the NRSC are overwhelming and they are overwhelmingly against the bill. It's, I don't know, ...a hundred to one against.

John Hawkins: If the Senate amnesty bill passes, Tom Tancredo has pledged to campaign against senators who vote for it. You probably know. I've set up a website called The Payback Project to do the same thing. The number of (commenters) I've seen around the blogosphere who've commented that they're either going to stay home in 2008 or throw their vote away on a third party has been enormous. According to Rasmussen, the public opposes this bill 2 to 1. Given all that, don't you think it's fair to say that if this bill passes, isn't it pretty safe to say that some Republican senators will lose their job as a result?

John Ensign: Well, first of all, I want to see the final version. I don't think people should judge the final version. I'm against the bill as it currently stands. But, if we can make some changes to the bill, I do believe it will be a much better bill than current law is...and it will help actually clean up some things.

Read the whole thing.