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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Paris released from prison

That's right, folks -- after spending a whopping three days in prison, she was released early this morning, due to a "medical condition". She'll be put under house arrest for 40 days, and is required to wear a monitoring device.

Perhaps Paris contracted a staph infection while in prison. The Lynwood Correction Facility has had over 402 inmates diagnosed last year alone, and for every 1,000 that enter the prison, 13 will contract the disease.

Or maybe, she's just a spoiled little celebutard who was released early because of her celebrity.

LA police officials are expected to give a press conference later today.

Paris Hilton learns to read.


Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. spokesperson Steve Whitmore says Paris did not contract a staph infection, and the decision to release her was made after "extensive consultation" with medical personnel. Wow, that makes it much better.

Al Sharpton, a beacon of justice and epitome of fairness, blasted the justice system, The Drudge Report is reporting.

"Though I have nothing but empathy for Ms. Hilton whom I have met and appeared with on Saturday Night Live the night I hosted in 2003, this early release gives all of the appearances of economic and racial favoritism that is constantly cited by poor people and people of color. There are any number of cases of people who handle being incarcerated badly and even have health conditions that are not released.

I have served several sentences for civil rights and civil disobedience actions and I even fasted which caused health concerns to prison authorities who paid for a doctor to come see me daily rather than release me. This act smacks of the double standards that many of us raise."

Yes... because Al Sharpton is a paradigm of virtue and of all people, is who we should listen to about the justice -- or lack thereof -- of our prison systems. Typical Sharpton... has to make everything about race, even when there's nothing to make.

I don't agree with Paris being released anymore than Sharpton does. But it isn't because she's a white girl. It's because she's rich, an heiress and a fake celebrity. Did anyone really think she'd serve her full term?


Don_cos said...

Does this actually surprise anyone?

Angry White Guy said...

Sadly, no.

Rich bitch cries a lot and won't eat the icky food, and so the let her go.

Good news: When she violates her house-arrest, she's automatically back in for 90 days.

I give it till next friday.