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Monday, June 4, 2007

Al-Qaeda claims they killed the remaining two soldiers, but offer no proof

From Fox News:

An Al Qaeda-umbrella group claimed its militants killed three American soldiers after capturing them last month in Iraq, according to a new video released Monday.

"The Americans sent 4,000 soldiers looking for them and ... fearing that this will have bad repercussions, the state of Islam decided to and announced their killing making it a bitter result for the enemies of God because they were alive and then dead," said an unidentified voice on the video, which was made available to The Associated Press by the Washington-based SITE Institute.

The video does not offer any proof that the soldiers were killed and does not show the soldiers. The militants said in the video that the soldiers were buried, but again, did not offer proof. The unidentified voice blamed their deaths on: "The American army and their leaders, who do not care for the feelings of the soldiers' families."

The 10-minute, 41-second video shows black-and-white, nighttime footage of what the group said was the ambush that led to the soldiers' capture. But this footage was grainy and unclear.

Gunshots could be heard in the video, which at the end shows close-ups of two identification cards.

A U.S. official said the military ID cards appeared to be authentic, but more analysis was needed to confirm this.

Hot Air has an excerpt to the video here.

Keep praying for those soldiers and their families.