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Friday, June 15, 2007

Snap, crackle, and pop right oughtta here

Cereal is probably one of my favorite foods. I know that sounds weird, but my dream pantry would probably have the entire cereal aisle at Winn-Dixie. I never get tired of it. With the exception of wheat cereals and those weird "organic" cereals, I could eat any cereal over and over and over again.

This probably goes back to when I was a kid. I loved sitting there with my Rice Krispies, listening to them "talk" to me, like the three elves (named Snap, Crackle, and Pop) said they did on the commercial. I wasn't as big a fan of Fruit Loops, but I loved Toucan Sam, and the leprechaun from Lucky Charms... well, I loved all the cereal commercials, with kids chasing them around to get these great cereals. It used to be that cereals were considered part of a wholesome and complete breakfast. Not by itself, of course, but the commercials would show these breakfasts with toast, bacon, eggs, orange juice, and a bowl of said cereal.

Now, moonbats are taking nannyism to a new level, and are going after Toucan Sam, who has been around since 1963, and Snap, Crackle, and Pop, who have been around since 1933. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) wants the mascots done away with.

Hannah Storm from CBS's The Early Show crowed about this victory over children's cartoon characters:

“Well, that’s a great idea Nancy, because you can’t even take your child to the grocery store because they’re clamoring for the products with characters on them. When are we going to see them disappear?”

The CSPI, along with Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC), and two Massachusetts parents have threatened to file a lawsuit against Kellogg's to get rid of the characters, and Kellogg's in turn has decided to limit those commercials during children's shows.

Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Those commercials were a perfect match. I guess moonbats would prefer PSA's about safe sex practices, and tolerance for ways different than our own, like homosexuality and global jihad wars. They could sandwich Trojan Man commercials right in between them.

The CSPI feels that because cereals contain sugar, that means that they are unhealthy. They don't seem to understand that if kids remain active, as they used to be growing up, that won't matter. Kids are growing, they are full of energy, and no one needs to be freaking out over the fact that a bowl of cereal has some sugar in it.

Perhaps if parents didn't allow their children to have every game console underneath the sun, along with their own personal TVs and computers, and made them go outside and play, be active, we wouldn't see so much childhood obesity. Maybe it is the parent's decision what the child does or doesn't eat, and none of the CSPI's damn business.

Also, Ms. Hannah Storm, it shouldn't matter if your kids are "clamoring over" these cereals with cartoon characters on them. If you don't want them to eat them, you say NO, and that's the end of the story. If you are unable to do that, and give in every time your kids whine that they want something, you shouldn't be a parent. That leads to what we called "spoiled brats" when I was a kid -- what a shocker!

And what about kids' snacks with cartoon characters on them? Go down the snack aisle and you'll see all kinds of snacks with Spiderman, the Disney Princesses, and all kinds of cartoon characters on them. Will they go after those next? Will all children's foods have to be sold to us in identical, plain packaging because parents can't be trusted to say no to their kids if they feel something is unhealthy?

Slippery slope, slippery slope...

If we let radical left-wing groups like the CSPI continue to run free unchecked, we will truly see what a fascist nation is like. Funny how leftists are crowing about how George Bush is a fascist, when the nanny state they want to implement is exactly what will lead to that.

Hat Tip: NewsBusters


COPioneer said...

They're Grreeeeaaatt! Had Wheaties this morning, with Grape Nuts added.

My favorite as a kid was Cocoa Krispies...man, I could run 5 miles after a bowl.

And liberals suck, they're ruining our Country. Don't they have something more to worry about? I suppose they'll be up in arms if I complain about the half-naked adult commercials during sporting events. I have to be ready with the remote when watching sports so my kids don't have to sit through yet another 90 second ad for Erectile Dysfuntion.
And I don't mind beer ads until they go to the "you'll have lots of pre-marital sex if you drink this beer" method.
And then a movie ad will come on for "Knocked Up". Oh yeah, that's just great. Make fun of irresponsible behavior like it's normal.

Why don't the liberals go after those commercials? They do a sight more damage to our culture than Tony Tiger ever did.