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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Only in Hollyweird...

... would "anxiety" be an excuse for "medicinal marijuana" use. My bs-o-meter is going off here.

I love the one line: "Dave never thought he was the type who would use marijuana as medicine, until he did - and realized marijuana works."

But I'm sure he'd use it just for fun, right? And hey, now that he found some doc to say he was "suffering from anxiety" he can use it every day if he wants and not get in trouble. I can just imagine the scene at work:

Boss: Dave, why are you staring at your screen saver eating Doritos?
Dave: Well, the fish... they're just like... all swimming... hehe...
Boss: Dave, you smell like... have you been smoking pot!?
Dave: Here ya' go... (hands prescription allowing medicinal marijuana use)
Boss: (Rolls his eyes and stomps away)


Joe said...

Whatever happened with just getting drunk all day?