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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Hampshire middle school takes students on a trip to Planned Parenthood

If one of my children were taken on this trip, I'd be furious.

The school board is now investigating, not that it does much good after the fact:

The city school board early this morning voted for an investigation into last week's field trip that brought middle school students to a Planned Parenthood office in Manchester.

The school board instructed school administrators to investigate the matter, recommend any changes needed to school policies and decide if any disciplinary action needs to be taken.

"It needs to happen immediately," Mayor Frank Guinta said about the investigation. He said it shouldn't take more than a few days.

On Wednesday, students in the STAY program, a program for at-risk middle school students that is operated by the YMCA, visited the Planned Parenthood offices as part of a field trip to social service agencies throughout the city.

School board member Doug Kruse yesterday said the field trip violated the trust of parents.

"The STAY program must go because they have not demonstrated they are responsible for our children," Kruse said.

He also pointed out that Dawn Michaud, the principal at Parkside Middle School, told the New Hampshire Union Leader that she was aware if the visit, but told her supervisors she had no knowledge of the stop.

"Somebody doesn't have their story straight," Kruse said.

Assistant Superintendent Frank Bass said Michaud was flustered by a call from a reporter and was not sure what was happening.

What right does a school have to take middle-school students to Planned Parenthood?! And even if they wanted to tackle controversial topics, you can bet your life that they wouldn't take them to an adoption clinic, as well. Planned Parenthood is an organization that presses pregnant teenagers to have abortions, as we all found out after the recent undercover operation, in which a college student pretended to be a teenager impregnated by her much older boyfriend. Planned Parenthood told her to lie about her age and have the abortion. The consultant also said she regretted having her kid, and would have aborted him/her if she could go back.

Yeah, that's the kind of organization I want my kids around.

Let me tell you, if my children were on that field trip, I'd have that principal's head. Anyone who thinks it is appropriate to proselytize to young, impressionable students that way should not be allowed in front of children, ever. Why were parents not notified beforehand? For something so controversial (and WRONG), the parents should have been notified and given the option of keeping their child out of that trip.

What really burns me is that the YMCA was involved. YMCA = Young Men's CHRISTIAN Association. I grew up going to YMCA summer camps. I was there pretty much every day in after school care. I was a junior counselor there at 13 and eventually a camp counselor, as well. When I was going to the Y as a kid, and even as a camp counselor, it was unashamedly Christian. When I was a counselor, we had opening and closing ceremonies to begin and end each day. Both ceremonies were opened with prayer. The YMCA was always supposed to be the organization that promoted family values and morals, yet this chapter is sponsoring a trip to Planned Parenthood?

Not to be cliched, but what is this world coming to??


Angry White Guy said...

I keep asking... Where are we going, and why are we in this handbacket?

Don_cos said...

Nothing will happen to those responsible.

COPioneer said...

It's that "slippery slope" that the leftards keeps insisting isn't going to happen.

I just read on Chuck Colson's daily e-mail Breakpoint that Calif. is going to start allowing fag conjugal visits. Can they get any more STUPID?

COPioneer said...

awg and don_cos, do you guys have issues logging into Cassy's blog to post comments?

I thought it was maybe because I use Firefox, but I tried with Internet Exploder and had the same issues (I have to go through the create account on Google everytime). Did I mention that Google is evil?

COPioneer said...

Could be that YMCA chapter is just full of liberals. I've been heartened that our YMCAs here in Colorado Springs have become more and more Christian...not surprising since this is a great Christian area, and for awhile they were losing members and getting bad reviews because they are leaning leftardly. Now they are doing much better. And they've broken ground on a new Y just a few miles from my home! I'll have to get back into swimming now.

Angry White Guy said...

I have none at all.

Though if you're going to toss a word like "fag" around, I'm not enitrely sure I wanna have a go at helping fix the problem...