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Friday, June 8, 2007

Oh, good grief:

In the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars of the decade, Paris Hilton has announced she will appeal the judge's mandate for her to serve out the remainder of her sentence in prison.

Yeah... that's contrition, right there.

She's being checked into Twin Towers Correctional Facility now. If she had half a brain, she'd realize the smart thing to do would be to just keep her mouth shut and serve her measly 23 day sentence. But NO. She's Paris Hilton, after all. She's like, so, like, totally rich and all. And she's like, so totally, like, hot and everything. You know, she like, doesn't deserve to like, have to like, go to prison.

You know, I'd settle for a different punishment besides jail. I'd be perfectly content with Paris wearing duct tape over her mouth for the rest of her life, so we never have to hear her open her big, spoiled mouth and utter "That's hot" again.


Angry White Guy said...

it's not 23 days, dear... it's 45, minus time already served, and one off for every 4 good...

I want video footage of her cry on the way to the courthouse!!

"Let me taste your tears! Your tears are so yummy and sweet. The tears of unfathomable sadness - mmmm yummy!"