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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paris Hilton inspires "fake-up"

This is just too priceless:

Female inmates in Florida say they have some make-up tips for Paris Hilton. Inmates in Charlotte County are banned from wearing cosmetics in lock-up.

The inmates say they get creative in order to look girly, so they have come up with "fake-up." They use food products in place of make-up. Some examples of "fake-up," include a pen as eyeliner, coffee as eye shadow, and glitter from cards as eye glitter. They also use vaseline for their lips. When vaseline is mixed with Crystal Light powder it can create lip gloss and blush.

The inmates don't wear the "fake-up" everyday. If the inmates are caught wearing it they can get in trouble.

Well, there you go, Paris. You might need it, because I'm sure without makeup on, no one would recognize you.


COPioneer said...

What a clown.

COPioneer said...


COPioneer said...

It's weird why these women (along with Lindsey, and other drugged up whores) are thought of as sexy...they aren't. They're pathetic.

Is Hillary Duff going off the deep end? Probably not, that's why she's not in the media all the time.