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Monday, August 13, 2007

Ron Paul is taking over my city!!

Something strange has happened. As I've been driving to various places the past two days, I've noticed something scary, slightly funny, and noticeably different.

There are Ron Paul banners. EVERYWHERE.

I've begun seeing them on interstates, boulevards, residential streets... they are literally everywhere. Knowing that this means there are undoubtedly Ron Paul supporters at work, and knowing how they tend to be a little bit... uh... different, it makes me slightly nervous. I guess I just never knew that north Florida was such a political hotspot. I mean, during the last presidential election I practically begged the Duval County Republican Party to let me volunteer, and nothing. I had to drive a few hours away to the Democrat-heavy Daytona to help campaign (that was one of the best weekends of my life, facing off against near-violent Kerry supporters, and I'm not being sarcastic -- it was LOADS of fun). Here in Duval, they don't seem to really do much, perhaps because Duval County almost always votes Republican, they feel they don't need to.

At any rate, apparently Ron Paul supporters have taken over. I haven't seen a banner for one other candidate, Republican or Democrat. And when I think of Ron Paul supporters invading, for some reason it makes me think of zombies. I'm not entirely sure why, but I just get this vision in my head of zombies, all dead-eyed, marching around while moaning, "RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT."

It's a well-known fact that most of his supporters are truthers, nutjobs, and spammers who for some reason are more attached to him than John Edwards is attached to hairspray and mousse. And they've congregated to my city, for some unknown reason. Should make for some interesting times coming up!

Join the Ron Paul Revolution? No thanks.


Anonymous said...

Anyway... :::ROLLSEYES:::

Nice trailer, is it a double-wide?

localhost said...

"It's a well-known fact that most of his supporters are truthers, nutjobs, and spammers"

Do you have a source for this "fact"? Perhaps Paul --who received the majority of Republican military donations in Q2-- has been receiving some unfair press. Please consider it. Did you pick up this ad hominem "fact" from Fox News or Limbaugh? If so, please keep in mind that these sources have agendas, and these agendas don't include small government and low-taxes.

Anonymous said...

Outside of ad hominem attacks. What don't you like about Ron Paul?

NeoconNews said...

Ah, they're everywhere!

Not sure how to trackback to you, so here we go.

bbartlog said...

What don't you like about Ron Paul?

Use your brain and look at the blogroll. Cassy is strongly pro-war, Ron Paul is strongly anti-. The support for Duncan Hunter might also clue you in. Cassy is one of those folks who thinks the Islamic hordes are an existential threat to America, following on the heels of Fascism and Communism.
Anyway, it's nice to hear from the field that my fellow Paul supporters are busy in Florida. For what it's worth I think it's a shame Duncan Hunter did not do better in the straw poll; much as I disagree with him on the war I think he's a decent guy.

just an OldGuy said...

Ah, they're everywhere!

Yes they are and wearing out their welcome real quick.

Like this genius:
Nice trailer, is it a double-wide?

The Texas Republican Straw poll is coming up real soon.
If Ron Paul can't do well in his home state (like that will happen, they know him there) then he has no chance.
Maybe that'll shut em up.

Anonymous said...

shameless attempts at increasing hits on your little blog only work for a few hours, but they sure make it fun!

Posts like this really make most intelligent people laugh. When someone shows that they are either too lazy or stupid to do even a tiny bit of work to learn before they spew uninformed blither in a post, they really are just crying out for attention.

just an OldGuy said...

shameless attempts at increasing hits on your little blog only work for a few hours,

That's because you clowns spam every blog and poll that shows up in a search engine with Ron or Paul in it.

just an OldGuy said...

I mean all she did was call them 'truthers, nutjobs, and zombies!'

Truth hurts don't it?

Huck said...

Cassy - Is it possible, just possible, that Ron Paul has more supporters than the 15 or so you give him credit for. The man doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination, but I wouldn't be so dismissive of him if I were you.

If he doesn't get the GOP nomination and ends up running on the Libertarian platform, that could mean peeling away 1-2% of votes that the GOP candidate is going to desperately need.

Ignore and mock Paul at your own peril.

Democrats did the same with Ralph Nader, and it cost them your home state in 2000.

alacrityfitzhugh said...

Cassy: Notice the "Love" portion of the banner? They got that backwards, too!

Don_cos said...


I find it funny that the Paul supporters who attempt to defend him, tend to prove that what you posted is in fact correct.

Take a look at all the defenders here.

"anonymous" and "localhost" have to depend on insult and profanity. Why is that? It's likely because they don't have any real facts.

bbartlog on the other hand, offers a couple good points and keeps it fairly civil.

Any guess as to who I would consider listening to?

When the candidates began anouncing, I took a serious look at Ron Paul. I saw many things that I truly like. I think his foriegn policy stance is unrealistic, but then I don't like everything about any candidate.

What turned me off from Ron Paul are the supporters like anonymous and localhost.

If most of Ron Pauls supporters took a little Prozac, his numbers would sour.

localhost said...

Don_cos, please point out where I used insult or profanity in my post.


Don_cos said...

Soar not sour.


I'm have a bad keyboard day!

Don_cos said...


Sorry, I admit (after rereading your post) you don’t deserve what I said. It does however apply to anonymous. I should have remarked on each individual post rather than as a group.

I think that the Fox News remark threw me. It is such a common slur from the left that I have come to see it that way even from those on the right.

localhost said...

Don't worry about it, Don_cos. So long as the discussion remains civil and rational I think our party will come out ahead. If one of the other candidates does get the nomination, I hope they pick up much of what make Paul's platform so refreshing; a push for small-government, questioning the IRS, and a move toward non-intervention.

I wasn't a supporter of Paul until I read some of the absolutely hateful vitriol against him online. This caused me to research him and his positions and find that he is a good man with ideas consistent with the party.

Please see this link as an example of the extreme personal attacks he is receiving from some quarters:


Note the blind ad hominems. How are we supposed to incorporate any of his ideas with dialog this extreme?

As far a Fox News goes, it was refreshing at first, but I'm definitely picking up a big-government bias. They seem to be pushing Guiliani, who in my opinion, is a tenuous conservative at best.

I agree with the other bbartlog about Duncan Hunter. He is a good man, and he certainly has his head straight on immigration. I thought he gave a good speech at the straw poll and am somewhat puzzled at his terrible showing.

Keith said...

it is possible that Ron Paul has many supporters. hell, even Jim Jones tricked about 900 people into leaving the US and committing suicide via spiked kool-aid.

Regardless of anythign else, he has no chance and therefore will have no real impact.

Rickvid for DOCTOR Paul in Seattle said...

''if you don't believe in DOCTOR Paul's one true message of hope and truthidity, YOU ARE EEEEVVVVVIIIILLLL AND WILL BE CAST INTO OUTER DARKNESS!


Need more double/triple full caf latte with hazlenut (the Holy Drink of Seattlites for DOCTOR Paul!)

NeoconNews said...

You're more than welcome to hand out some of these to your Ron Paul friends, Cassy.

Ogre said...



Mark said...

Ron Paul is amazing and he attaches himself to the Constitution consistently and fights for liberty. I wouldn't say most of his supporters are Truthers, but rather most Truthers are consitutionalists concerned about Government. Been my experience anyway.