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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Spencer Johnson: Conservatives should rally behind Hunter

Spencer Johnson has a great column about why conservatives should be rallying behind Duncan Hunter, something I've been saying for a while now. It's a great article:

Congressman Hunter is not just another politician. If you look at his list of accomplishments, you will see that he has supported many issues that conservatives hold dear, and actually did something about them with passion and intense commitment. He wrote the bill to build the border fence, he wrote the bill to define person-hood at conception, he has stood up to government over-spending, he has supported enlarging our national defense, and he is a lone voice speaking out for bringing manufacturing jobs to our country. He has perfect ratings from the NRA, the National Right to Life, the Eagle Forum, The Campaign for Working Families, and Americans for Better Immigration. He has been a leader to strengthen our national defense in the style of Ronald Reagan as chairman of the Armed Services committee. He has been a leader for strong borders, he built the fence in San Diego that cut drug and human trafficking by 90%. He has never stopped lobbying the president to finish the job. He has never voted for amnesty, he has never voted pro-choice, he was a Vietnam veteran, he has 26 years of experience, and he has never backed down on his Reagan-conservative principles.

In an election with a pro-choice and pro-amnesty mayor, a former liberal governor, and a senator from Tennessee who has an immigration voting record very similar to that of John McCain and who has hired a strong open-border advocate to his campaign, I hope we can give a close look at Duncan Hunter. He could be that elusive, ideal candidate that everyone has been whispering about and keeps hoping will show up. I strongly encourage you to join me in supporting Congressman Duncan Hunter. I will leave you with Mr. Hunter's vision for this country, and if it sounds anything like yours, please pay him the attention a candidate like this deserves. He said, "I would like to see a country where the day I walk out of the White House, after a couple of terms, the American people are more independent of government than the day that I walked in."

Couldn't have said it any better myself. Make sure to read the whole thing.

I believe just as strongly today as I did when I first learned of Duncan Hunter that he is the one we need to lead this country. There is not one other candidate in the running that could do better or is more conservative.

We keep hearing about how we need another Reagan, and Duncan Hunter is as close as we're going to get.

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