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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Al Sharpton vs. Duncan Hunter

Al Sharpton tries to get Duncan Hunter to condem Ann Coulter when he guest hosts on Hardball. Guess who wins?


huckupchuck said...

Couple of comments:

1) What in tarnation is Al Sharptong doing hosting Hardball? No self-respecting TV program would allow such a controversial and unapologetically biased person conduct an interview and pass it off as journalism.
2) Ann Coulter is revered among a certain constituency among the right wing, but her viciousness doesn't play well with most decent people. Because of that,
3) I think it is a tactical mistake for Duncan Hunter to embrace Coulter. The people who like Coulter are already the people who probably like Hunter, so there's not much to be gained by her endorsement. But there is a whole lot to lose by it. I think if Coulter endorses Hunter formally and if Hunter embraces this endorsment, it will forever condemn him to second-tier status as a potential candidate.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Coulter endorsed Bush twice. Guess its the kiss of death. /s


huckupchuck said...

anonymous - Bush was a first-tier candidate with the family name behind him and loads of other endorsements. There wasn't much Coulter could do to Bush to hurt him as long as Bush kept a distance between himself and Coulter, which he did. The same cannot be said of Hunter. In fact, I'd venture that Bush won both times in spite of Coulter. And I don't recall Bush actively embracing Coulter either. But, as even most conservatives have noted, Coulter has degenerated over the past 3 years or so. So a Coulter endorsement today means something different to the public than it did three years ago. Coulter may not have been the kiss of death for Bush, but that doesn't mean she won't be the kiss of death for Hunter. I still think it is a tactical mistake for Hunter to embrace Coulter as his first big-name conservative endorsement. And what's with the "pissant"?

Gredd said...

A Coulter endorsement is the same kiss-o-death as would be for a liberal to receive an endorsement from Al Sharpton. Meaning nada. It'll have no effect because the vast majority of people really don't pay attention to such things. The only ones who'd care would be liberals but they'd never vote for him anyway.

Also, 'pissant' is his sig. He tacks that on all of his posts.

Don_cos said...


July 4, 2007 1:37 AM"

Yeah that being electe4d twice thing really shows her "Kiss of Death!" LOL!

thedogg said...

anonymous..."what in tarnation" might be the funniest thing ive heard today. and ive laughed a alot today. Al Sharpon...Presidential Candidate...News Host...Thank God im going on vaction tomorrow.

thedogg said...

sorry..it was huckpchuck...still funny though.