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Monday, July 2, 2007

PayPal pulls out!

The Help My Baby Live monsters are reporting that PayPal shut down their donations. Good to hear:

PayPal has shut down our donations, although we've managed to keep all the money made so far. We're working on finding a different payment processor, but until then, you can contact us at the email address to the right, or, even better, contact the people at InvisiHosting.

We'll find a new payment processor shortly, don't worry.

We've noticed that a lot of people have been complaining about this site, through multiple channels. If you really don't like it, and you really want it taken down that badly, buy the domain from us and close us down in the capitalist way. We'll entertain serious, 5 figure bids for it.

Also, we lost about a day's worth of email, so if you emailed us between Wednesday and Thursday, please re-send it. Sorry, computers and such.

75 days left until the dreaded abortion they claim they need the money to avoid getting. Seriously, this thing has scam written all over it, and since I wrote my original blog post, their donations have increased to over $13,000. Sad -- these people don't deserve a dime.

I'm still surprised that no one has blown the lid of these people. When will that happen? I think we all want to know who these people are, and what their real agenda is.

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Angry White Guy said...

If they weren't a scam, they would have used Fundable...

Don_cos said...

Once again, this is sick. They should be facing charges for ransoming this baby's life.