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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just because I can

I'm posting this video again. No reason. It's just always fun to watch this wonderful video!

I came across it browsing on Iowa Voice and thought, what the heck. It never gets old.

I feel pretty!


gredd said...

You know, if he just shaved it all off, he could save a pretty penny AND not have to fret over it.

Anonymous said...

Funny, i don't hear too many republicans talking about this one...


Nope, no double standard here.

Cassy's BFF

Cas said...

Actually, yes, I did write about that.


Sorry to punch holes in your theory, buddy.

Don_cos said...

Sorry to punch holes in your theory, buddy.

Cassy's Big Fat Fanan needs to do some reasearch before commenting.

Gredd said...

Wow, Big Fat Fan, you got owned. Twice.