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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

She's ba-a-a-ck!

Did anyone think she wouldn't be?

Cindy Sheehan has been threatening to run for public office against Nancy Pelosi -- as an independent, of course, since she now hates the Democratic Party as well -- if she doesn't try to impeach President Bush.

Well, today, she made it official.

I bet Nancy Pelosi is just shaking in her high heels!

Bidding farewell to her former peace camp near President Bush's ranch, Cindy Sheehan began a nearly two-week trek toward Washington D.C. on Tuesday with her sights set on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Officially announcing her run against Pelosi in 2008 if the San Francisco congresswoman doesn't move to impeach Bush by July 23, Sheehan said she relates to the people in her home state and chided Pelosi for keeping troops in danger.

"I know what Californians care about," said Sheehan, who plans to run as an independent. "They don't care about the ruling power elite."

Sheehan first told The Associated Press on Sunday about her plans to challenge the top-ranking Democrat. She made it official Tuesday at Camp Casey, named after her 24-year-old son who was slain in Iraq and whose death first led Sheehan to Crawford in 2005 to demand a meeting with Bush.

Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said Tuesday that Pelosi's "focus is on ending the war in Iraq."

"She believes that the best way to support our troops in Iraq is to bring them home safely and soon," Daly wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press. "Democrats will continue to hold the Bush Administration accountable by having votes in July to change course in Iraq; to responsibly redeploy our troops; and to refocus our effort on protecting Americans from terrorism."

But Sheehan said Tuesday that's not enough.

"You can't bring the troops home if you give George Bush $100 billion to wage this war," she said. "You're not supporting them. You're keeping them in harm's way."

Sheehan's caravan then plans to leave for Houston, the first stop on what her supporters termed a "journey for humanity."

Sheehan, who turned 50 on Tuesday, in May stunned fellow anti-war activists by announcing that she would sell the 5-acre protest site. She said she felt her efforts had been in vain and that she had endured hatred and smear tactics from the left as well as from the right.

Sheehan said Bush should be impeached is because she believes he misled the public about the reasons for going to war, violated the Geneva Convention by torturing detainees and crossed the line by commuting the prison sentence of former vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

Sheehan has said she lives in a Sacramento suburb but declined to disclose which city, citing safety reasons. The area is outside Pelosi's district, but there are no residency requirements for congressional members, according to the California secretary of state's office.

Sheehan spent a final long weekend at her 5-acre lot before ceremoniously handing the keys to its new owner, California radio talk show host Bree Walker.

Come on -- she can't seriously think she has a prayer of winning!

Hot Air had this video posted, of Cindy Sheehan on Fox News saying that "the little voice in Cindy Sheehan's head" was what told her to run.

I've said it so many times, but her son must be spinning in his grave right now. He joined the Army in 2000, and then re-enlisted in 2004 -- after the Iraqi War had begun, and he apparently even knew his unit was being sent to Iraq when he re-enlisted.

Casey Sheehan is a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country -- and his mother jumped onto that opportunity to exploit his sacrifice and dishonor him, in order to push her own radical agenda.

Is there anything sadder than that?

But, as I said, it isn't like she has a prayer of winning. Nancy Pelosi has held that seat for 20 years. She ain't going nowhere.

Meanwhile, my buddy John Hawkins of Right Wing News has what very well could be her very first campaign ad:

Cindy Sheehan: So Long and Good Night!


Sean said...

I would love to see her win the Democratic primaries, even though I know it won't ever happen. Can you imagine what kind of thrashing she'd take in the general election?

Van Helsing said...

Ted Kennedy could go without scotch longer than Mother Moonbat could make it without publicity.

Sean -- The seat is in San Francisco. If Ronald Reagan rose from the dead, the Ditch Witch would beat him there.

Sean said...

I'm aware of that, but I never said they'd vote for the Republican (assuming there would even be a Republican running in San Francisco.) There are a lot of third parties out there, and against Cindy Sheehan, I can see one of them winning the seat quite handily...