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Friday, July 13, 2007

Can you be someone's Angel?

Well everyone, today I'm asking for your help and generosity for a great charity.

Anyone familiar with Soldiers Angels?

Soldiers' Angels was started by a self-described ordinary mother of an ordinary young man turned hero, Sgt. Brandon Varn. Brandon was deployed in Iraq and has since honorably completed his mission and has returned back to his proud and loving family.

In the summer of 2003, he wrote home expressing his concern that some soldiers did not receive any mail or support from home. Being a caring and loving mother, she decided not to allow a situation like that to continue. She contacted a few friends and extended family to ask if they would write to a soldier or two. Within a few short months, Soldiers' Angels went from a mother writing a few extra letters to an Internet Community with thousands of angels worldwide.

With more and more merchants donating services, money and items for packages, the Angels reorganized as a 501 c 3 non-profit so all donations would be tax deductible. Soldiers' Angels currently supports tens of thousands of American Service Members stationed wherever we raise our nation's flag, and that number continues to grow daily. Soldiers' Angels are dedicated in supporting our military during and after their deployment.

In December of 2004 a worldwide support forum was created in the hopes of providing a place where the needs of our heroes could be fulfilled.

In July 2006 this ordinary mothers youngest son, Bretton Varn started Boot Camp and looks forward to serving his country.

May God Bless Our Troops

I joined Soldiers Angels a few years back, and my first "adoption" was Cpt. Chuck Ziegenfuss -- or, more specifically, his unit. He was injured in Iraq (I'm happy to say he's recovered well, his blog has regular updates on his condition as well as general military happenings), and became a partner in Soldiers Angels Project Valour-IT program, which supplies voice activated laptops for injured veterans.

The organization has grown far beyond a service to send letters and care packages to our troops. They offer multitudes of teams and programs dedicated to helping not just those fighting, but their families, as well as injured veterans and the families of fallen heroes.

As I'm sure you can see, it is a fantastic organization.

And right now, they could use your help.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail, asking for angels to donate $5-$10 towards injured veterans and their families:

I work with Patti, helping her with the many, many wounded and their families when they need help of one kind or another.

You just cannot imagine how many of these e-mails we get from case workers, counselors, VA case workers, and then, we get them from the soldiers or wives themselves.

They have fallen through the cracks and just need help to survive.

Angels, we need your help. We don't want you to send Soldiers Angels all of your money, but even $5.00, $10.00, etc.

I personally am issuing a challenge to each and everyone one of you: a challenge of $10.00.

Angels, please help us help them.

So, what do you think? Can you spare five or ten bucks to an extremely worthy organization dedicated to serving our troops? It's not a lot of money to ask, but if everyone donates a little, it can make a huge difference in a soldier's life -- and the life of his/her family.

Show that you're willing to do more to support the troops than just slap a sticker on the back of your car.

Please send all donations to:

Soldiers Angels
1792 E. Washington Blvd
Pasadena, Ca 91104

*You can also visit the Soldiers Angels website to donate via PayPal.*


Shawn said...
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arclightzero said...

This is a wonderful service. I was deployed aboard the USS Enterprise during 9/11 and then for Operation Enduring Freedom. It was rough, but the best part out of my days was to get letters from people back home who joined organizations like this one and wrote to us. There is no better feeling than getting mail from people who don't know you who are taking time out of their days to thank you for your service and whatnot.

Thanks for putting this out there. It's more appreciated than you'll ever know.