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Monday, July 2, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell didn't turn down The Price is Right!

TMZ is reporting that Rosie had to audition for The Price is Right job that she wanted so badly for studio execs, and then film a test show, during which she made a big boo-boo:

Rosie made the revelation during a crowd-pleasing twenty-minute standup routine on the L.A. stop of the Human Rights Coalition's True Colors tour on Saturday. The outspoken Democrat joked that one of the reasons the "Price" gig didn't happen was because she ad-libbed the line, "Don't forget to spay and neuter your Republicans." Arf!

O'Donnell's good friend, '80s popstar Cyndi Lauper, created the tour in order to raise awareness of issues and discrimination faced by gays and lesbians. The show featured musical performances by Cyndi, Erasure and Debbie Harry among others.

I don't know who Rosie thinks she is, or what she thinks The Price is Right is. On The View, the format allowed for political proselytizing and crazy conspiracy theories. The Price is Right is a game show -- fluff television in which about half (or maybe more) of the people watching will be Republicans and won't appreciate a line like that. Anyone with common decency won't appreciate a line like that, Democrat or Republican. She doesn't seem to understand the adage "know your audience".

No one watching The Price is Right wants to hear Rosie's crazy conspiracy theories, or listen to her bash Republicans, America, our troops, the President, and anything or anyone else that she doesn't like. I didn't realize people did to begin with, but apparently she made ratings on The View go up, so who knows. Studio execs understand that their audience does not want to hear that kind of crap -- so she was denied the job.

Smart move.


Don_cos said...

"Anyone with common decency won't appreciate a line like that"

Rosie has no decency, so she does not understand this.