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Friday, July 27, 2007

Nicole Richie will be going to jail


Nicole Richie was sentenced today for her second -- get that, her second -- DUI.

She got a whopping four days. FOUR DAYS.

Celebrity justice. Isn't it great?

This is perhaps the only case in which I feel bad for Paris Hilton. I fully believe that Paris should've gone to jail for the entire length of time that she did, but Nicole gets caught with a DUI twice and gets four days because the manipulative little law-breaker is parading around her pregnancy to get the judge to be lenient.

Nicole should be going to jail just as long as Paris did, if not longer, especially because she apparently will not have to go to jail until she gives birth, so the pregnant woman in jail concern should be scrapped.

And a DUI twice?! I mean, my Lord. It's bad enough that she carelessly put people's lives at risk as a rich celebutard who could hire a driver when she's drunk and on drugs, but she did it twice! With absolutely NO regard for what could possibly happen!

I have to say it again.

Don't you just love celebrity justice? Fair and balanced, all the way.


Angry White Guy said...

I have two DUIs, and only got 48 hours...

And a year probation.

4 days actually isn't unheardof.

If she screws up again (while under probation), I expect her to get locked away though.

gredd said...

Again with the nasty pictures?! Cassy, why do you hate your fans?? :)

And that poor child she's carrying is already fighting an uphill battle.

Anonymous said...

Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears...

... I wonder which one of these blithering idiots is going to end up getting herself killed first.

Larry said...

Nicole Richie Will be Going to Jail
With any luck they'll force-feed the miserable creature. For a REAL woman, see previous post. ;-}