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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No wonder she likes Hugo Chavez so much

I didn't come across this lovely "I Have A Dream" speech, Psycho Sheehan style, until a few minutes ago.

Following in the vein of her dictator idols like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Castro, Psycho Sheehan has freely admitted that she wants "neo-cons" and "neo-connettes" thrown into Gitmo detention centers and the terrorists currently housed there presumably freed.

I'm sure Casey would be so proud!

Did the little voice in her head prompt her to come up with this, too?

She posted this lovely message on her Camp Casey Peace Institute website, right underneath a banner proclaiming that it is "Summer of Love 07 on a Journey for Humanity" (emphasis mine).

Like, groovy:

We are going to walk from Atlanta, GA to Congress beginning July 13th and ending up in DC on July 23rd to send the mis-leaders back home to face the music of justice in their own districts.

It is about time us “peasants” (in the eyes of the Fascist Ruling Elite) march on DC with our “pitchforks” of righteous anger and our “torches” of truth to demand the ouster of BushCo. I have a dream of the detention centers that George has built and
filled being instead filled with Orange Clad neo-cons and neo-connettes.

If Congress won’t dig BushCo’s political grave, it is the People’s job to do so. Thomas Jefferson said that we need a Revolution every 20 years, or so, to keep
our Republic honest.
Over 225 years have passed since our last Revolution (if you don't count the War Between the States) and we are long overdue for one. Turn off your TVs, kiss your pets goodbye, bring the kids and flock to the federal seat of corruption, or join us on our walk there, for a People's Accountability Movement to be in the face of the Criminal BushCo and the Complicit Congress for the
last week of session before they go on their undeserved vacations (why do they get vacations when the Iraqi parliamentarians don’t?)

On the eve of our first revolution: You know it’s right!

I always love hearing people like Psycho Sheehan talking about keeping the United States the way our Founding Fathers intended, and point the finger at the Bush administration as Fascists, while simultaneously trying to stifle our God-given rights.

Let's use an example from Psycho Sheehan's speech -- the one about throwing people who don't agree with her political views into Gitmo cells. That doesn't sound much like a Republic or a Democracy, does it? Although I'm sure her idol, Stalin, would support it wholeheartedly.

Meanwhile, also on the Camp Casey Peace Institute website, Psycho also keeps a blog in which she claims she was "dragged" back into the political realm "kicking and screaming":

I’m not backing off. I tried to remove myself from the political realm of the US, what BushCo is turning into an Evil Empire, but the blatant audacity of George commuting Scooter’s sentence (he’s not ruling out a full pardon --- and you know he will) has dragged me kicking and screaming back in. I can’t sit back and let this BushCo drag our country further down into the murky quagmire of Fascism and violence, taking the rest of the world with them!I have sat quietly back these past five weeks as the slaughter in Iraq sorrowfully surges along with George’s bloody escalation---and as the philosophical opposition to the war has soared to almost four out of every five Americans.

Right, right, she sat back sorrowfully for five weeks, and realized no one gave a damn what she was doing, so she had to find a way to make herself be "dragged kicking and screaming" back into the public spotlight, because she hates being ignored and forgotten, which is exactly what she was.

She also misspells the word "breach" a little further down, spelling it "breech". Petty, but I couldn't help myself.

And that was a smooth move, inserting "Evil Empire" in there so fluidly. She would know -- after all, she is learning from the best!

The rest of the blog is mostly incoherent rambling, jumping from one subject to the next, in which she acknowledges that she is, in fact, an attention whore -- well, sort of.

And what is this whole "Summer of Love" crap?? Come on, didn't we move on from all that hippie crap? I mean, hello, I thought the Summer of Love was reserved for 1967 only, and that we could move on from that embarassment. It's like, "celebrate humanity with free love and free drugs -- we all could use some extra STDs or diseases, so spread those legs and inject those needles!" Just make sure to throw some flowers in your hair and hold up a peace sign while you're at it. If we all hold hands and stop showering, all the world's problems will go away!

And now Psycho Sheehan has her own "Summer of Love", in which she loooooves everyone soooo much, that if you disagree with her, you deserve to be thrown into jail. For the good of the country, of course. She's a moral authority and all, remember? And if all else fails, she won't for one second hesitate to whip out the "My son died in Iraq!" card.

The funniest part is imagining her saying all of this in that annoying, small, nails-on-a-chalkboard little girl voice. You can't help but laugh. It's like Minnie Mouse, the Dictator!

Does anyone still take her seriously? Anyone?

Am I hearing crickets chirping??

Psycho gets kisses from her mentor, Hugo Chavez. Now HE'S a leader, right, Psycho?

Hat Tip: Once again, Michelle Malkin


Don_cos said...

I can’t sit back and let this BushCo drag our country further down into the murky quagmire of Fascism and violence, taking the rest of the world with them. ~ Shehag

I agree, dragging our country down into the murky quagmire of Fascism and violence, taking the rest of the world with us is the Democrats job.