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Monday, July 2, 2007

How To Pick Up A Gay Man 101

That is apparently the new curriculum for German students 14 and up. Controversy is understandably brewing, and this of course is being taught in the name of "tolerance" and, as the WaPo puts it, "by practicing homosexual wooing techniques... break down age-old schoolyard prejudices".

They say you can't understand someone until you walk a mile in his shoes. Perhaps with this in mind, Germany's Regional Institute for School and Media has introduced a series of exercises in which students pick up same-sex partners. Pupils 14 years old and up will participate by practicing homosexual wooing techniques -- and in the process, officials hope, break down age-old schoolyard prejudices.

In the United States, conservative groups such as the Citizens for Community Values are on the record against so-called "homosexuality education" programs. In a 2004 report, the group says such programs are "nothing more than a deceptive ploy designed to preach safety while actually encouraging sexual behaviors." The Cincinnati-based CCV has not commented specifically on this latest German innovation, but it's a safe bet that it would oppose any programs on the gay pickup scene in American schools.

But is it likely this program will be adopted by any schools here? Not without a little tweaking, of course. I suggest that this program be expanded to include straight students as well. After all, adolescents -- especially boys -- of every sexual orientation and proclivity need help picking up a mate. If the program is to be true to its mission of teaching understanding and tolerance, it should ensure that no child is left behind.

It is not right to force children to do these things -- become a Muslim in an immersion course, learn how to pick up gay men. I don't understand why parents tolerate this to begin with. If I had children and they came home telling me they were learning how to pick up gay men, I would be livid. I would not rest until whoever pioneered that program was fired.

When it comes down to it, schools have no right to push these kinds of propaganda and agendas. Schools are supposed to be a place where children go to learn, not be brainwashed. The more we inflict this kind of liberal moonbattery on our children, the more worried I become. What kind of adults are we raising?

Hat tip: Moonbattery.


Van Helsing said...

Education is like healthcare: far too important to entrust to the government.

Angry White Guy said...

As the days pass, I become even further convinced that should i ever have a kids, they'll be home-schooled...

Gredd said...

So I'm guessing Germany curriculum also includes opposite sex wooing techniques? (And if so where can I get myself a copy. I'd even learn German for that!)