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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

His stock is rising

Yesterday, John Hawkins published a blogger poll in which bloggers stated who the five most and least desirable presidential candidates are.

My pick for most desired candidate, Duncan Hunter, came in third place on the most desired list, and in second place overall.

Fred Thompson, for some reason, got number one.

It's not that I dislike Fred Thompson -- I'd rather have him than any of the idiots in the Big Three given to us by the mainstream media. I see him as a good back-up candidate, but by far not the best option available. Why choose a sort-of conservative who doesn't want to do the work associated with campaigning (that bodes well for his work ethic as President, huh?), when we have an honest-to-God conservative who is working hard and has the credentials to back him up?

Do we want a true conservative in the White House or not?

I mean, there's no flip-flopping in Duncan Hunter's background -- you don't have to worry that he'll suddenly change his stance on, say, border enforcement or right to life if and when he gets into the White House. He's got the real world experience (unlike any of the Big Three democratic candidates), and is willing to do what needs to be done. I love his three core principles and his stances on them -- a strong national security, fair trade, and strengthening our border.

His name recognition is the only thing standing in his way, but apparently, he's beginning to get noticed, at least in the blogosphere. It looks like his stock is rising. Hopefully, with McCain losing more ground every day, this will give Hunter a chance to get his name out there some more.

Make sure to visit the official campaign website to learn more about Duncan Hunter.

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S.K. Johnson said...

The Duncan Hunter revolution is beginning. We're beginning to get some people together to start cartop signs, and other on the ground endeavors over the next several weeks. Still looking for a contact in Iowa, anyone interested, e-mail at


Keep up the great work Cassy, Hunter's day may be coming soon!

-SK Johnson

Anonymous said...

Yer darn tootin, toots.


Keith said...

haha, please just give your $$$ to Guiliani and cut out the silliness!

gredd said...

Keith, you're missing a key ingredient in your post: A good reason.

Huck said...

When was Duncan Hunter not the preferred choice of the narrow rightwing blogosphere such as that surveyed by John Hawkins? Birds of a feather ...