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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Right Wing News Top 40 Bloggers

John Hawkins just released his list of his top 40 bloggers for the third quarter of 2007 on Right Wing News, and I made the list!

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but I consider it a HUGE honor, not to mention an ever bigger honor to be listed alongside such great blogs as Wizbang, Newsbusters, Mary Katharine Ham, Tammy Bruce, IMAO, Little Green Footballs, and of course, my two favorites (aside from RWN, and no, I'm not sucking up): Michelle Malkin and Hot Air, not to mention the other excellent blogs picked by John.

I didn't expect to see that today, and so now I get to go do my dorky little happy dance in my living room. Yay! :)


LCVRWC said...

When one considers how many bloggers are out there, it is truly an honor to be included among the top 40. My deepest congratulations!

Sassy Poker said...

Kudos Cassy, what a 30 day stretch for you!

Kyle said...

All the way up at #14, too. Way to go, Cassie!