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Monday, March 17, 2008

But what she really wants to do is sing!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre is best known as Elliot Spitzer's high-priced call girl nicknamed "Kristen". But now that she's a "celebrity", she's milking it for all its worth. With magazines in bidding wars for her "story", she's decided that she's going to get every last second of her fifteen minutes of fame.

Because, just like every cheap celebrity, what she really wants to do is sing!
Not so long ago, according to law enforcement officials, Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a.k.a. Emperors Club escort "Kristen," was earning about $1,000 an hour on trysts with folks like New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. But Dupré, an aspiring singer, may be earning a lot more now, and legitimately -- by selling her music to "fans" online.

That, at least, is the speculation. Dupré has posted two songs on the new music-discovery site Amie Street; she put up the first, "What We Want," before she was outed, and the second, "Move ya Body," shortly afterward. (Scroll down to hear samples of each.)

Amie Street has an innovative, artist-friendly sales model. When musicians first submit a track, people can download it for free. As it becomes popular, its purchase price rises. Both of Dupré's songs are now selling at the site's maximum price -- 98 cents each.

Indeed, according to Joshua Boltuch, one of the co-founders of Amie Street, "Move ya Body" rose to its 98-cent price tag faster than any other song in Amie Street's one-and-a-half year history. Dupré posted the song early on Thursday morning; it was at the maximum price within five hours, a rate that suggests many downloads.


Amie Street gives artists a 70 percent cut of each song sold. That is, Dupré is making 69 cents (yes, really) on every 98-cent track.

If she's sold at least 70,000 tracks, Dupré's made at least $48,000 -- $1,000 per hour in the 48 hours since her name went public. And this work certainly beats her old $1,000-per-hour job (though accountants in the audience will note that she's got to pay taxes on the music income, but not the escort income).


Dupré would do well to act fast, of course; the public tires fast. Maybe it's happening already. On Thursday, the New York pop radio station Z100 added her song "What We Want" to its playlist. By Friday afternoon, after a poor response from the audience, the song was in low-rotation.

What is it with every single half-wit who gets any media attention whatsoever trying to launch a singing or acting career? The Obama girl wants to "act". Paris Hilton wants to be a singer and bought her way into a recording deal. And now, a prostitute is using her famous patron as a stepping stone to fame.

And no, she's not talented in the least. She can halfway carry a tune, but talented? No. Britney Spears is more talented than this girl is, and that's saying something. I'm sure that Dupre can give a great blow job -- for almost $5,000 she better -- but that does not translate into good vocal skills. I foresee this "singing career" going nowhere.

UPDATE: I removed the player because it was starting automatically. You can listen to her music by following the link to Amie Street.


Gredd said...

I was listening to a talk show host on the radio last week when this was all going down. He said he liked her song, thought it wasn't bad. He called in the director of the local hip hop station in (I guess they're down the hall from each other) and asked his opinion. "No." He said there wasn't any talent shown in the song. The voice was "okay at best." I'm incline to agree with the guy who's part of the business.

To be fair, the talk show host doesn't listen to that kind of music and admitted that he couldn't tell a good song from a bad one, just some reason he liked this one song of hers.

This is my beef with the American Idol crap that's shoved down our throats (well, not mine since I don't watch or listen to it). Yes, you may have a nice voice. But if YOU can't write good songs, you're not long for this industry.

Christopher said...

You're right, this buzz will pass soon enough and I'll bet someone will blame Bush for putting another person out of a job. Damn rising unemployement rate.

Me said...

Nothing original there. Just some studio mixing designed to make an average ho sound like an average Janet Jackson/Beyonce clone.

Anonymous said...

Please don't have the music come on automatically. It reminds me of myspace.